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Our Difference

Our principles are CONSISTENT QUALITY, CONVENIENT SERVICE and COMPETITIVE PRICING, with INNOVATION at the forefront of everything we do

AMMAT Technology is a leading international provider of foundry materials, fracking proppants, OEM components, and compact cranes. Based in the United States and China, our team of trusted experts delivers groundbreaking solutions to a diversified portfolio of industries. We operate on the principles of consistent quality, convenient service and competitive pricing, with innovation at the forefront of everything we do.

The company holds firm belief in business ethics, responsibility, obligation, and growth sustainability. People and partners are vital assets and must be treated respectfully and equally and be given sufficient training through teamwork and collaboration. Customer satisfaction is our top propriety for fulfillment and business sustainability requirements. This is achieved through meticulous daily operations and executing several programs such as ISO certifications, our company values 3C+1, EXACT, innovation, IT, HR, and transparent communication.

AMMAT has developed several strategic partnerships with manufacturing companies to achieve these core principles in consistent quality, convenient service, and competitive pricing with innovation at the forefront of everything we do. Some products may be done at these partnership facilities, but AMMAT applies its own A-Z quality control in an end-to-end process for our customers. 

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We make SPECIALTY PRODUCTS for our SPECIAL CUSTOMERS because they trust us to get the details right the first time

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Original Equipment Manufacturer

AMMAT not only produces complex, specialty OEM parts for original equipment manufacturers, but also utilizes its in-house OEM production capabilities to build compact cranes for the construction and installation industries. 

Construction & Installation

When our construction and installation customers demanded safer working conditions, AMMAT was able to quickly utilize its in-house OEM product capabilities to product a series of compact cranes. With its space-saving design, our cranes can hoist work on very constricted sites, including a commercial elevator.  

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Foundry & Metal Casting

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Oil and Gas

Our premium resin coated proppants provide operators value through their advanced capabilities such as providing higher oil production and bonding at very lower temperatures.

AMMAT produces performance materials for our foundry customers that increase end-product performance, reduce cost, and speed up job completion. Our customers also includes metal casting companies that values our capabilities to melt any commercially available alloys. 

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