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Performance Materials

Today, AMMAT is leading the charge in the effort to support cleaner, more efficient foundries. In light of recent OSHA regulations to lower the permissible exposure limits (PEL) for silica dust, foundries are in need of affordable, reliable solutions for compliance. Since its inception in 2004, AMMAT has been committed to the research and development of environmentally sustainable foundry materials, and we continue to lead the market with our results-driven approach.


Our depth of knowledge, extensive experience and performance-oriented approach towards innovation ensure that we consistently rank at the top of industry. As we shift our focus toward minimizing the foundries’ lasting environmental impact, our dedication to superior performance and value remains the same. Our goal is, and always has been, to build performance-oriented products that meet the specific needs of our customers.


At AMMAT Technology, we pride ourselves on our expanding team of experts and strong international partnerships. Our exclusive proprietary products provide cutting-edge solutions and a benchmark for excellence in an ever-changing marketplace.

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Synthetic Ceramic Sand

Known for its thermal stability, hardness, free silica, versatility, high refractoriness, good angle coefficiency and permeability, AMMAT’s (ACBEADS CPS-1) foundry ceramic sand provides an affordable, clean, high-performance casting solution.


  • Signature Gold: Eco resin coated shell sand

  • Wedron White Sand: Natural foundry sand

  • ACBEADS: Synthetic Mullite based sand

  • ABAUX 310N: Coating refractory, bauxite powder

Sand Addictives

Sand Addictives

Our veining defect elimination (VR 8000 Series) sand additives is highly effective and ensure clean casting by eliminating casting defects caused by the thermal expansion of chemically bonded silica sand. Our easy shakeout (AESA Series) sand additives raise productivity and casting integrity by enhancing decomposition of the resin-coated sands.


  • Veining

  • Emission Reducer 

  • AESA Easy Shakeout

Metallurgical Products

Metallurgical Products

AMMAT’s leading metallurgical materials result in low dissolved oxygen in metal and low gas defect in castings, high nodularity, ductility and elongation. Our product line includes an injection-grade carbon additive (ACBLACK 9000), injection-grade silicon carbide (ASIC 005B), ferrosilicon in-mold as cast inoculants (AMBLOC) and slag removers (AFLUX).


  • ACBLACK 9000: Carbon additive, Injection grade

  • ASIC 005B: Silicon carbide, Injection grade

  • AMBLOC: Ferro silicon inoculants

Shell Sand

Shell Sand

SG resin-coated sand ensures cleaner air in the foundry and the surrounding community. The sand can lower in-plant smoke, odors, VOCs, HAPs and other emissions without sacrificing product quality, while still decreasing the environmental footprint. The Neozien odor-abatement system that neutralizes any remaining offensive odors has already been integrated into SG formulation. This innovative foundry solution offers greater productivity, uniform curing and fewer casting defects that result in better quality castings. Applications are shell cores and molds.


  • SC 0501: BPOD, benchlife extender

  • SC 1100A: 3-amino propyl triethoxy silane for furan no bake resins

  • SC 0907N: Coupling agents

  • ACBLACK 901PP: Phenolic urethane resin dye


Auxiliary Products

Auxiliay Prodcts

We offer a wide variety of specialty chemicals used in foundry binders such as BPOD, MPCP for bench life extension, microspheres for resin-bonded riser sleeves (AMOSE), high refractory bauxite flour as core wash additives (ABAUX 301N), ceramic filters in the form of foam and extrusion, gaskets and tooling parts.


  • Ceramic Filters: Extrusion and foam

  • Gaskets: Glass fiber woven

  • ASLUX: Slag remover

  • AMOSE 260N: Microsphere for sleeves made of PU

  • Vents: All kinds for pattering tooling

  • Bow Tubes: Rubber

  • Chaplets: All kinds for pattern tooling

  • Flame Retardant: Environmental friendly

  • Anti-Static Powder

  • ABAUX Calcined Bauxite Flour

  • AWOLA Wollastonite 

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