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Our Products

AMMAT uses its own products to develop VERTICALLY INTEGRATED PRODUCT LINES with innovation and quality as our top priority

OEM Components


AMMAT balances structural integrity, usability, and long-term durability against overall material weight to deliver superior end products finished to precise specifications

Our engineers provide value added services to customers, optimizing casting designs and manufacturing processes from initial design concept to full scale production with quality assurance at every step

Our capabilities not only includes manufacturing top-quality, highly durable OEM components, but also includes assembly to help our customers decrease lead time and labor costs. 

Our products are so good, we use them as BASE MATERIALS to build ADVANCED PRODUCTS and MACHINES for our customers

OEM Components

OEM manufacturing is at the core of our business model. Since 2004, we have built our long-standing reputation in the metal casting industry by delivering reliability, consistent quality, diversification and competitive prices to a market that is continually evolving. Although many customers come to us for our cost-savings benefits, they often choose us as a solution provider for our exceptional customer service, innovative manufacturing processes and unparalleled quality assurance.

Performance Materials

Since 2004, AMMAT Technology has been a leader in the manufacture of high-quality custom-made foundry consumable products. In an industry that is traditionally resistant to change, we have been successful at overcoming barriers using technological innovations and diversified knowledge that meet ever challenging requirements for the industry and that far surpass the competition. With a focus on product performance and efficiency, our experts have successfully implemented breakthrough solutions by bringing up new materials to ensure better casting quality and consistency and cleaner foundries that continue to rank high with our customers.

Resin Coated Proppants

Through our partnership with Fairmount Santrol, a world leader in sand mining and resin coating, AMMAT supplies a number of resin-coated proppants for fracking in China and around the world. Our proppants, manufactured at the Santrol (Yixing) Proppant Company Ltd. manufacturing plant and vital for the advancement of the oil and gas market, are proven to maximize a well’s yield, helping companies reduce their cost of operations.

Compact Cranes

Adding to our ever-expanding OEM components, AMMAT Technology leads the market in the manufacture and distribution of mini crawler/spider cranes. The cranes are produced and sold in liaison with R&B Engineering Company, Ltd., and offer innovative solutions across a variety of industries. In 2007, R&B Engineering Company took over the management rights of TOA Corporation, the pioneer of the mobile mini crawler / spider crane, and developed its own innovative line of Mighty Cranes. To date, the company has supplied more than 10,000 Mighty Cranes to the stone and construction industries in Japan and around the world.

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