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OEM Components


OEM manufacturing is at the core of our business model. We supply metal and steel components and parts to a variety of U.S. and global manufacturers. From day one, we have been focused on quality excellence. Given the demanding nature of the OEM industry, the inherent liabilities and the intricate nature of producing casting parts, AMMAT is careful to control every aspect of the casting supply chain. From sourcing and engineering to the production, inspection and distribution of our products, we ensure that your precision-machined parts are made to your specifications, on time, every time. Our rigorous in-process inspection and efficient production scheduling ensure uncompromising accuracy and reliability. Whether a rush order that contains one part or a smaller order with a variety of parts, we are committed to delivering high-quality products at an affordable price.


Due to the rapidly changing OEM environment and the shift toward more environmentally conscious factories, we continually strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. Our dedicated team of experts are committed to forward-thinking solutions that result in safer, cleaner and more efficient facilities.



While there are many options for purchasing metal castings, we continue to stand out for our diverse certifications. We specialize in technical and custom-made products for castings, forgings, weldment, fabrication, assembling, finish machining and simulation. Our coverage extends to a wide variety of industries, including construction, shipbuilding, biomass and recycling plants, worldwide crusher OEMs and energy companies.


Our commitment to excellence and our competitive pricing both stem from our highly specialized manufacturing, sourcing capabilities and strategic partnerships with vendors. We work with more than 30 foundries and 50 machining shops in China, and our supply chain continues to expand.



We offer a wide variety of high-quality castings for different needs weighing from a few kgs to 50 tons, such as stell made from low carbon steel to alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, gray cast iron and ductile iron, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. These castings parts are used primarily in heavy duty equipment for mining, construction, windmill, power plant, engineering vehicles. Our categories range covers ordinary coated sand casting, resin sand casting, sodium silicate investment casting and silica sol precision casting, pressure casting, etc.

We operate in cooperative factories that are all ISO-certified, possess the ability of casting process simulation (simulation), and possess (MT, UT, PT, RT) non-destructive flaw detection qualifications to ensure the inherent quality of the casting products and to be consistent. There are CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC grinders, large gantry, drilling machines and other processing equipment, with the ability to process finished castings.



Our forgings are made with open, ring or die method. Using the open method, the forging part can weigh up to 30 tons and using the die method the forging part can weigh as low as 5 kgs. Using the ring method, the forging part’s dimensions can measure up to 6500 mm in diameter X 800 mm in height. The largest ring forging size can reach 12 meters in diameter. Material used include ordinary carbon steel AISI1020, AISI1040, low alloy steel AISI4340, AISI4140, stainless steel SUS304, SUS316 and other special alloy materials.

From the purchase of raw materials, to forging and heat treatment, and to the final processing of finished products, strict inspections and process quality control are carried out to ensure the final quality. We make parts used for valves, forklifts, locomotive, automobile parts, gearboxes, shafts. 



Our strong machining capability consists of many state-of-art machining tools and experienced machining professionals. The CNC turning has a range up to 6.3 meter X 3.4 meter, Vertical boring up to 10 meter X 3 meter and Ganmill up to 6 meter in X 3 meter. Our experienced machining engineers and skilled machinist ensure that every job is accomplished without compromising quality and delivery.



Our fabrication abilities include cranes that can lift up to 100 tons, bending and presser that can withstand up to 150 mm and 3,000 tons, and frequently using plasma and laser cutting methods. In addition, we offer machining and assembling large weldments in-house. Our team consists of AWS qualified welding engineers and inspectors who work with highly skilled welders, which means we are specialized at making weldment with complicated structures, large dimensions, various materials or strict geometric tolerances. For example, we use sheet metal, a newly developed category, more and more frequently on custom made auto body and machining tool cover pieces.


Precision Polymer Castings

In partnership with Precision Polymer Casting, LLC., AMMAT Technology leads the production and servicing in China for CASTINITE high precision polymer concrete castings and precision machine grouts and fillers for the machine tool as well as instrumentation, semi-conductor and other industries. CASTINITE castings are created using the third generation of Cast to ToleranceTM ( CTTTM) manufacturing technology. Our Precision polymer castings are a mixture of high-strength epoxy resin, hardener and special additives, which are compounded with high-purity and high-strength mineral aggregate fillers through a unique formula. Enhancements to this manufacturing process include a climate controlled environment and segregated raw materials. In addition, castings are created with an improved quality of epoxy resin and hardener, mixed with proprietary additives. We use the highest quality mineral aggregates found in the industry.

Precision polymer castings have super damping performance, excellent corrosion resistance, extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, and perfect appearance quality.  Products are mainly used in machine tool industry, testing equipment, semiconductor and pump base industries. Various complex shapes can be produced according to customer requirements using reasonably designed high-quality steel molds. The flatness of the product is 0.15mm/m, the dimensional tolerance is 0.20mm/m, and the hole pitch tolerance is 0.05mm. When customers require higher tolerances, secondary machining can be used to meet the tolerance requirements, such as polishing, sanding or composite processes.

Within certain tolerance ranges, a single casting is necessary. The guide rail mounting bottom plate, threaded holes, wire perforations, coolant pipes, lubricating oil circuits, hydraulic systems, etc. can all be pre-buried and molded in a single action. Because this avoids expensive secondary processing, delivery date can be expedited, the inventory of products in progress is reduced, and customer delivery requirements can be met faster.

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AMMAT's specialty is to produce difficult machining and complicated welding structural parts. AMMAT and its strategic partners provide high-quality customized welded structural parts for equipment manufacturers across construction machinery, material processing, and construction machinery industries. The quality and service are unanimously recognized by customers.


The company has a highly experienced team. There are 2 CWI certified by the American Welding Society; 2 International Welding Engineers IWE, and dozens of certified welding operators. We can weld and process complex structural parts with different shapes and thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm for SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW and other welding types, to meet customer needs in multiple ways.


For large-volume parts, robot welding can be used. In order to effectively improve production efficiency and control manufacturing costs, various welding tools and fixtures are designed and manufactured in the factory.

Precision Polymer Castings
Inspection and Assembly

Inspection and Assembly

Comprehensive property test on stock material, nondestructive inspection on plate, casting and forging are the first steps to ensure high quality parts. Regarding dimension inspections, we apply a combination of manual inspection with coordinate measuring machines, such as portable measuring arms, bridge CMM, gantry CMM and laser tracker system. Our inspectors, who have robust experiences in the machining industry, communicate the inspection results directly with our customers.

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