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How We Work

We make full use of China's local supply resources to provide customers with ALL-ROUND, END-TO-END SOLUTION

Design and Engineering

With rich, in-house engineering design capabilities, we actively work with customers to ensure product quality and application integrity and suggest improvements to the manufacturing process to achieve all possible cost savings. Our R&D team plays a large role in helping customers optimize product design. 

Process and Production

AMMAT combines its own manufacturing capabilities with abundant raw supply resources to provide global customers with multiple manufacturing solutions, such as casting, forged, and welded structural products using iron, steel, copper, aluminum and other materials. Because we have a diverse, global customer base, our teams are experienced in various process and production requirements. 

First Article and Verification

Our deep production experience, many different production techniques, and reliable verification methods allow AMMAT to quickly convert drawings to the first product. We also assist customers in product's data collection and marketing process, especially for parts and components with complex structures, and continuously provide professional design suggestions.

Inspection and Control

AMMAT's quality assurance team tests the accuracy and traceability of each manufacturing link of the product, and provides a strong framework to achieve our goal of continuously improving product quality. We possess large-scale CMM inspection and NDT inspection qualifications and capabilities.

Communication and Exchange

We are always in active and timely communication with our customers in regards to efficient order confirmation and detailed feedback on the manufacturing process to help customers understand the specific progress of the order and ensure timely delivery. Our engineers will directly communicate on technical issues and actively cooperate with customers to solve various problems in the manufacturing process.

Logistics and Inventory

AMMAT also specializes in global supply chain management. In close communication with customers, we efficiently organize product transportation, reduce waste during transportation, and ensure timely and safe product arrival. Our customers value us for our ability to provide in end-to-end solution that includes global logistics and distribution services for world-renowned customers.


There are warehouses in Ohio in the United States and Dalian in China, which can provide warehousing and JIT distribution services according to the different needs of customers.

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